Working as a multidisciplinary team with a broad spectrum of skills, NOCON can ensure the professional handling of monitoring trustee projects.

NOCON possesses a unique range of experience:

  • Track record as monitoring trustees for different competition authorities
  • Management experience in major international enterprises
  • Significant work experience at competition authorities in the area of mergers and remedies
  • Sector experts from a large number of industries
  • In-depth expertise in finance, accounting, M&A, competition economics and antitrust law

The project teams are custom-tailored according to the requirements of the case.

Nocon Team

Wolfgang Nothhelfer

Dr. Wolfgang Nothhelfer

Wolfgang Nothhelfer has been a founding partner of NOCON since 2016. As monitoring trustee, he provides advice to companies and competition agencies. He has over 14 years of experience advising in antitrust proceedings in different roles. He is also a non-governmental advisor of the International Competition Network (ICN) for the CMA.

Between 2013 and 2016 Wolfgang acted as Economic Advisor and Assistant Director Economics in merger control cases at the British competition authorities (OFT/CMA) . He was in charge of the economic analyses in many complex proceedings and has taken part in designing merger remedies (for example, Muller/Dairy Crest, Ladbrokes/Coral). Prior to joining the OFT, he was Senior Manager and Head of Economics at PwC and provided economic advice to clients on a variety of antitrust issues. 

Wolfgang has led trustee teams in cases at the following competition authorities: European Commission, CMA, US Federal Trade Commission, Federal Cartel Office (Bundeskartellamt) and Federal Competition Authority (Bundeswettbewerbsbehörde).

Wolfgang holds a German degree in economics and received his PhD at the University of Tübingen in the field of competition law.

In addition to his native language German, he is also fluent in English and Spanish.

Wolfgang regulalry publishes and presents on topics related to competition law and economics including, for example, articles and presentations on remedy design and the role of monitoring trustees:


  • Nothhelfer (2018): “The Role of the Monitoring Trustee: (Only) “Eyes and Ears” of the Competition Authority?”, Neue Zeitschrift für Kartellrecht. (Download)
  • Nothhelfer (2017): “UK Merger Control post-Brexit: New challenges for international Transactions with UK Nexus”, Neue Zeitschrift für Kartellrecht. (Download)
  • Nothhelfer (2013): “The Creation of the German Office of Market Transaprency [Markttransparenzstelle], in Bien (ed): German Cartel Law after the 8th Amendment, Nomos-Verlag.
  • Nothhelfer (2012): “Empirical Screenings as Innovative Method for Antitrust Compliance”, Corporate Compliance Zeitschrift.
  • Nothhelfer/Pinter (2011): „Avoiding Delays in M&A Processes: Best Practice When the Competition Authority Imposes Remedies and Obligations”, M&A Review.
  • Nothhelfer/Rauber (2010): „The German Merger Remedy Experience“, Zeitschrift für Wettbewerbsrecht (Journal of Competition Law).
  • Nothhelfer (2007): “When do Conglomerate Mergers Distort Competition?”, Europäische Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsrecht.
  • Nothhelfer (2006): “The Leverage Theory in European Competition Law”, Nomos-Verlag.


  • Lecture “Remedies and Ministerial Authorisation” as part of the lecture series “German and European Competition Law” at the University of Würzburg, 2019. (Download)
  • “Use and Role of Trustees to Implement and Enforce Remedies“ and “Lessons Learnt – Evaluation of Merger Remedies“, expert lecturer at an OECD seminar for competition authorities in Budapest, 2015.
  • “Economics in Competition Law”, Master Course in Economics at the Technische Universität Berlin, 2013.

Prof. Dr. Robert Nothhelfer

Robert has been a founding partner of NOCON since 2016. His advisory focus is on management, finance and accounting. He also holds a chair as professor of business administration at the University of applied sciences in Pforzheim, with focus on accounting and financial management. Before founding NOCON, he advised start-up companies with regards to financial and organisational tasks, e.g. SOLARKIOSK in Berlin. He is also an expert for the retail sector.

From 2004 to 2014, Robert held various positions in the commercial management of the Schwarz Group, including CFO of Lidl Germany.  Before joining the Schwarz Group, he was Vice President of group reporting (projects and systems) at the Bertelsmann AG in Gütersloh. At the beginning of his career, he worked as auditor for the BDO Südwesttreuhand in Freiburg.

Robert has provided monitoring trustee services for the European Commission, the Competition and Markets Authority, the Federal Cartel Office and the Federal Competition Authority.

Robert has a German degree in economics and earned his doctorate in Organisational Studies at the Freiburg University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has published many articles in trade journals, as well as text books.

In addition to his native language German, he is fluent in English.

Robert Nothhelfer

CEI bessere Auflösung

Christian Eickmann

Christian Eickmann is an Associate of NOCON and has significant experience as a monitoring trustee. For example, he has provided monitoring trustee services on the EDEKA/Tengelmann case (B2/33-07) for the Bundeskartellamt and the BASF/CIBA case for the European Commission (M.5355) and the US Federal Trade Commission (Docket No 4253). Most recently, he has worked on the Assa Abloy/agta record case (M.9408) for the European Commission and the Vue/Event case (V-21/20) for the Bundeskartellamt. 

Prior to joining NOCON, he worked as an economic consultant at PwC and Deloitte where his last position was Manager. Apart from monitoring trustee assignments, he also provided economic advice in state aid and antitrust proceedings.

Christian studied economics at the University of Berlin and the Delhi School of Economics. He also holds a Master of Arts in „Economics for Competition Law“ from the King‘s College in London.

Nick Warren

Nick is a Partner at Aldwych Partners and provides specialist support to NOCON.

He has more than 13 years experience in UK merger control as both a regulator and consultant. While at the UK Competition Commission, now the CMA, Nick was a Business and Remedies Adviser. Nick is also a former Inquiries Director at the UK competition regulator for the health sector. In both of these roles Nick oversaw the design and implementation of interim and final remedies on various merger cases.

As a previous regulator, Nick understands the likely approach and direction of measures that will be implemented by the authorities to hold companies seperate. Nick has particular experience working together with clients to implement pragmatic controls over confidential information and undertake ring-fencing measures.

As part of the NOCON trustee team, Nick has provided monitoring trustee services for the CMA and the European Commission in various cases.

Nick studied Law and Commerce at the Univerity of Canterbury, NZ (LLB, BCom) and is an enrolled NZ Barrister and Solicitor. His native language is English.

Nick Warren

Sector experts

NOCON has a pool of experienced sector experts who possess in-depth industry knowledge and may act as specialist advisers in NOCON’s trustee teams. Our experts include academics, entrepreneurs, retired executives as well as specialist consultants from the respective industries.

NOCON is able to offer industry-specific advice across many sectors, including the following:

Medical devices
Consumer goods
Manufacturing of machinery
Financial services
Building materials
Meat production