Monitoring trustee boutique NOCON has expanded its pool of sector experts. When monitoring compliance with remedies for competition authorities, NOCON regularly includes specialists in its trustee teams to advise on industry-specific issues. Recently, the following sector experts have joined NOCON’s pool of specialist advisers:


Benedict Braus, financial services expert, independent consultant in the financial services industry, previously director at Deloitte

Prof. Werner Engeln, expert in product development and manufacturing, professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Pforzheim

Prof. Robert Gabriel, expert in software business, professor at Nürtingen-Geislingen University, co-founder of thinkstep AG

Peter Greiser, medical devices expert, Chairman of medical device company ATMOS Group

Karl Haase, steel expert, former CEO of steel manufacturer Deutsche Edelstahlwerke

Prof. Gerhard Janes, consumer goods expert, professor of business administration, previously held various senior positions at multinational consumer goods companies (Bolton Group, P&G)

Steve Page, healthcare expert, adviser to various healthcare institutions, previously CEO of Acorn Care & Education

Gerald Wissel, aviation expert, independent consultant in the aviation industry, previously held various senior positions at Deutsche Lufthansa and other aviation companies