The CMA uses remedies to resolve competition concerns in merger proceedings. Successful remedy packages need to address the competition problem and be capable of effective implementation. A good understanding of the process and the key risks are important to manage the process successfully.

This webinar provides an overview of the CMA’s remedies process and discusses some interesting issues from recent cases, including the following aspects:

– CMA remedies process at phase I and II
– Use of quasi-structural remedies
– Role of monitoring trustees
– Implementation risks


Alistair Thompson, Director of Remedies, Business and Financial Analysis at the CMA. Alistair has been at the CMA, and before that the Competition Commission, for 12 years covering a wide range of merger and market investigations in a variety of industries. He previously worked in corporate finance at Lazard after training as an accountant with PwC.

Dr. Wolfgang Nothhelfer, Partner at NOCON. Wolfgang has specialised in acting as monitoring trustee in competition law proceedings and has acted as a monitoring trustee for the CMA and other competition authorities. Previously, he was Assistant Director Economics at the CMA and Senior Manager at PwC.

The webinar took place on 11 July 2017 and the recording is available free of charge.
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